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Amanda MacGillivray

My name is Amanda MacGillivray. I am a radical birthkeeper specializing energetic birth preparation and mentorship for pregnancy and consciously conceiving women looking to birth outside the system in bliss. As women, leaning into the ancient remembrance of our innate birthing knowledge allows for more space to focus on setting up the rest of our lives in thriving health in the motherhood continuum, from our pregnancies, the fourth trimester and beyond. I am here to guide mothers and families through this portal through education in preparation for the fourth trimester as well as serve in my community in-person.

My in-person services include warm, nourishing meals, warm oil massage, herbal baths and steams, belly binding, closing of the bones ceremony and an open heart to share joy, grief and everything in between with.

My greatest wish is for women to experience the height of their sovereignty and bliss through allowing life to move through them as the portals that we are. Then from there to move through the rest of their life always able to reflect on their birth and fourth trimesters for strength and celebration.

Riverside, California, United States