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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Amanda Christine Van Pypen 

I am a Mother, a wife, an INNATE postpartum care practitioner,  a childhood natural learning facilitator, and a movement artist.


I support women through the physiological and psychospiritual initiation from Maiden to Mother by offering restorative and supportive postpartum care experiences and rituals. I believe all women deserve to be held in loving care and honored during the childbearing continuum and well-resourced into Motherhood. Through this, Maternal wellness and wholeness take root and become the foundation for sustainable family systems and flourishing communities!


I also offer support to families through the lens of the Aware Parenting and Psychospiritual Parenting philosophies and by facilitating natural learning environments for children rooted in connection, empathy, and play. I am passionate about and devoted to studying in the areas of holistic health, nutrition and movement, the feminine healing arts, nervous system awareness, and child/teen development. My greatest joy in life is spending time dancing, singing, and playing in nature with my family.

Sutton, Quebec, Canada