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Alexandra Lepiorz

I am a passionate researcher and traditional full spectrum Birth keeper / Doula since 2011. Bringing life to this world and exiting it, is a ceremony! Food is medicine – herbs and roots and you are too.There is a lot of traditional knowledge that we can remember and find in nature. You can learn how to best support, balance  and move with your monthly cycle through traditional gynecology practiced by us throughout time. I Love reclaiming it with you and use Mexican traditional Medicine, TCM and Ayurveda and my elders from Latin America whom I ameternally great full. For the beautiful understanding of the natural human body and its ability of self healing and care, especially for postpartum moms. I do believe that caring and honoring mothers is the origin to ahealthier world.I practice with Hydrotherapy, traditional gynecology (Pelvic steaming/ hands on pelvic care as in intravaginal / abdominal massage, scar tissue remediation, Myofascial release and Breast health), herbalism and what ever comes out of the fire of my kitchen.

en español, english, german and portuguese

Berlin, , Germany

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