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Abigail Lo

Abigail spent almost a decade on personal development, but none of that internal work prepared her for the initiation that came with becoming a mother. An unexpected pregnancy, a hasty marriage, minimal community support and clueless about the postpartum period, she became physically, mentally, and emotionally depleted by the experience. Abigail spent the next 5 years learning about matrescence, re-parenting, building community support and finally dove into INNATE’s training to fully understand the conditions that help mothers and babies thrive.

Now, she offers a Postnatal Planning service for expectant parents to create a personalised postnatal plan that will help them thrive once their baby arrives, and a 1-1 Postnatal Wellness sessions to help mothers gain clarity on a variety of issues that come up during the postnatal period (e.g. physical pain, anxiety, grief, depression, not feeling like yourself, tiredness etc) and give them tools and resources to heal.

Abigail holds a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Birmingham, UK and is Chairperson of a community called ibu Family Resource Group KL.

Kuala Lumpur, , Malaysia